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Established in 2007.

Energy Solutions of New Jersey is the premiere commercial CHP and solar energy installation company, providing energy systems that save!

Our experienced team of design and installation professionals provide the best options for energy efficiency available. Please call us today to book your appointment. We look forward to servicing you and your business and making your dream of energy savings a reality.

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Benefits of CHP


The first of it’s kind –by producing cooling, heat and power simultaneously, PowerAire increased your energy efficiency two to three times greater than the electrical grid.


PowerAire allows for net-metering of unused electricity. Inputs for solar or wind power provide a renewable energy interface to your building
and the grid.


Utility companies give a 30% discount on natural gas in most areas. 100% financing 0 down.


High energy batteries provide uninterruptable power and the engine continues to produce
cooling, heat and power during a power outage.


The engine runs on clean burning, domestically produced natural gas or propane. This low cost fuel - in addition to the system's high efficiency design - helps reduce your energy bill.


We custom match to your needs. We use a CT meter to measure actual use, not estimated. CHP offers an endless source of electricity

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